Friday, May 29, 2009

Refresh-mint Salad

Beautiful weather deserves a beautiful salad. Pale pinks and greens for summer shorts and sandals walking down the avenue, a burst of yellow lemon for the unfailingly ever present sunshine, some creamy yogurt to cool the fire within and a cool splash of mint for the breezy wind and shady respites along the way. An absolutely perfect, wonderful, beautiful spring would be better if I were out to enjoy it, if the neighbors weren't so loud, if I didn't have this job, this car, this payment, if the economy were better, if I were richer, thinner, prettier, had more free time, more friends, the right friends, lived in Paris, had a bigger house, lived on a boat.. sound familiar? next come the "when's". When I get fit I will be comfortable with my body. When I get rich I will feel safe with my financial status. When I live in Paris I will be happy. When I have free time I will enjoy my day. When I get there I will be okay. 

When the chicken crossed the road and got to the other side, he saw that he was a thinner, richer, and more attractive chicken and people told him so. Instantly he became afraid and his fear turned quickly to anger, for he knew that he was still a chicken. He blamed the crossing guard, he blamed the signpost for suggesting he should cross the street to begin with, he blamed the establishment, he blamed himself. Hopeless and desperate he shouted at the crossing guard and shook his feathery wing in rage. "I have worked hard for everything I have, I crossed this street, I am rich, I am attractive, and STILL I AM A CHICKEN! Now I have nothing but fear that I will lose what little I have earned along the way, and I am getting old and soon there will be nothing left of me. Then crossing guard, who had seen many before follow the path of the chicken across the busy street asked the one question that made the chicken see the folly of his ways. "what were you expecting?"  

Enjoy this salad. Enjoy it in the moment, every bite. Appreciate your company, even if the company you have is just you. This salad was designed so that every flavor could be loved and appreciated exactly as it is in this moment. Every vegetable is present, no bells and whistles, no fancy dressings, just pure, fresh flavor. 

slice into half moons 1 bunch of radishes 
slice and quarter 1 long seedless cucumber
quarter cherry tomatoes (1 pkg)
chop finely a handful of fresh mint
drizzle 1 tsp (really, just a tiny bit) of olive oil over the top and 1 tsp salad vinegar
sprinkle with salt and fresh ground pepper
stir and plate the vegetables, garnish with a dollop (or a scoop) of greek yogurt (we call this "ice cream" in our house because it is so unbelievably good)
grate some lemon zest over the top. 

Christina's vote: "I just didn't want it to end"

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  1. hahahaha

    i know a lot of chickens like this one!