Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep on Flapping Salad

You have ambition. You choose the highest perch, because it is sunny but not too warm. It towers above the rest, swaying gently back and forth. You imagine how your claws would feel to hang on to such a perch. You watch the squirrels dart across the clearing, their tails twitching anxiously behind them and you wonder if you could still see them from up high. You watch as the shadowy outline of cat slinks through your clearing bouncing away squirrels with it's invisible force field. It sends shivers of excitement through your veins, like you are about to watch something carnal. You feel safe from your lofty perch, still you wonder what it would feel like if you sat atop that highest perch. You have ambition. You have courage, the sort of courage it takes to leap off of the edge of you branch, feeling the loss of stability beneath you, gliding through the air trusting the wind. You have soared from branch to branch many times, familiarizing yourself with the expanse of this entire forest. This time your chosen perch is high in the sky, too high to be reached by gliding. Do you have the patience to beat your wings against the wind for as many times as it takes to get there? Will you be startled by your reflection in the ocean as you cross, afraid by the picture of you surrounded by air on all sides with no perch in sight? Will you become paralyzed by fear and forget tell those giant wings to keep their pace, to keep pumping you into the never ending height of the sky?
I pulled over to the side of the industrial street in my little blue car and felt my world shake at the passing of each truck.
Christina, I just met with my adviser. I have so much work to do. I am afraid I will never get this thesis done.
I typed into text.
A giant truck went by, sending the street garbage whirling through the air. My car shook.
Just do it-stay up late get up early no playing. its ok. Christina replied
I felt the color come back into my cheeks. Christina is my airplane.

The Salad
Cook 1 cup orzo in boiling water for 10 min. In a separate pan boil some water to blanch 2 cups chopped green beans and ½ cauliflower (put the cauliflower in first and cook it for a few min before adding the green beans. Cook the green beans until they are bright, then drain the whole pot into your strainer) Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil, add ½ yellow onion diced and some salt. Add 2 cloves garlic. Add the orzo and 1 ½ Tbsp muchi curry powder. Pour this bright yellow orzo over the green beans and cauliflower and add 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp cider vinegar and some salt. Chill and serve.

Christina’s vote: “I loved everything but the orzo. Sorry, the noodle thing.”

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